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When you hire ABC Roofing Specialists Inc., for a new roof, you'll have many options to choose from. We only carry the highest quality in roofing supplies, so you’ll always get the very best.


Contact Us today to speak with one of our employees about product availability and for an estimate. Let us give your home a fresh new look.

Get a better roof from ABC Roofing Specialists Inc.

Great roofs at affordable prices

At ABC Roofing Specialists Inc., you’ll always get competitive prices for top-notch work. We strive to keep prices down while also delivering superior craftsmanship to all our customers. You shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for great prices, and when you hire us, you won't have to.

• Built-Up roofing Systems: Uses tar and gravel materials / less expensive

• EPDM roofing System: Durable, versatile, and easy to employ / made of rubber

• Modified Bitumen roofing System: Easy maintenance / flexible/ no fumes / 30 year life span

• White Membrane roofing System: Infused with titanium dioxide to reflect UV rays. It prevents damage to

   the polymer.

• Metal roofing System: Perfect balance between durability and style / fire resistant / energy efficient

   Residential / Commercial / Industrial

• Green roofing System: Ecologically conscious / vegetation and fauna

• Flat roofs: For dry climates / cost-efficient / great for installing solar panels

• Shingle roofing materials: Fire resistance / impressive durability / longevity

• Flat Roof - Modified Rubber Membrane

• TPO Rubber Membrane

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Our available types of roofs

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